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Guest Blogger – Justin – Gay Man – Part 1

Hello it’s Biff and Julie -The Acme Chatters

This week we introduce our first guest blogger – Justin.  We’ll let him tell his story.


Hi boys.   My name is Justin.   I am a single 22 and a half year old gay man, and like so many young gay guys, I am looking for Mr. Right, I think.   I say, I think, because I am having a lot of fun being single, but I also want to be in love.  All of my older friends (who are in their 30’s and 40’s) keep telling me to relax, enjoy myself, experience life, and love will happen when I am ready.   It is certainly not from lack of trying.  I really put myself out there and am open to whatever happens.   I am on the ACME Chatline and some unmentionable websites.   I also go to a gay gym, gay bars, gay restaurants, and have a large inner circle of friends who constantly want to set me up with one of their friends.   They always say it happens when you least expect it, and I am tired of hearing that.   Maybe Mr. Right now would hit the spot, at least tonight.   Gonna call ACME now and see who is in the mood to chat tonight.  Happy hunting…I will update soon.


Tonight, I did not want to go out to the bars, or out to dinner, so I stopped by the grocery store, and bought some chicken and salad for dinner.   I am so over going to the bars.   There are always so many guys in the bars who are drunk, or worse, and I just do not want a guy who is a mess.  Being so young, every time I go to bars, all these old men hit on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a hot Daddy now and then, lol.   What was I saying, oh yeah, I stayed home.   So, after dinner, I started wondering who was on the chatline, so I called ACME.    There were some nice guys, and like me, there was a guy who just wanted to have phone sex.   So, we did, and it was really hot.   Sometimes, it is easier and less hassle to just have phone sex.   Fantasy is so cool, and you can make phone sex about whatever your heart desires.   Hmmm… I think I will call again.


Dating can be totally exhausting.   I feel like I have been on so many bad dates and I am only 22.  Well, really I am 22 and a half.   Last week, my friend Tyler set me up on a blind date with his boyfriend’s roommate.    Tyler had pointed him out before in the gym, but I had never met him.   He is a good looking guy, so I agreed.  Well, let me tell you, it was a disaster.  He came over to pick me up, and he smelled like he had been drinking.   Then, when we hugged hello, he grabbed my ass.   We were in the car on the way to dinner when I suddenly realized this was a mistake, and I didn’t even want to go to dinner with him.  I asked him to pull over, and I walked home.    I hate blind dates, especially when setup by a friend.   Now, how am I going to tell Tyler that the date was awful, especially since he arranged it?   Thanks, but no thanks, I will find dates on my own.   Before going to bed that night, I called ACME and had an interesting chat with a cool guy before going to sleep.   Stay tuned, we are going out this weekend.

We will hear back from Justin next week.

That’s all for now from Biff and Julie (and Justin) – The Acme Chatters.