Biff and Julie

The ACME Chatters

Welcome to The Acme Dating Company

Hi! We’re Biff and Julie – the Acme Chatters. We have been working on our website to make it more user-friendly and to provide a lot more interesting content. One of our new features is this blog. We are with The Acme Dating Company and have used the system as well as other phone datelines and chatlines. We have also used other dating sites like on-line (internet) and mobile (smartphones) ones. We’ve learned a few things over the years and will be sharing them with you in weekly blogs. If you have any questions, we’ll try to answer them if we can.

When we are talking in one voice we will use regular script like this. If it’s just Biff talking, he will use blue, like this. If it’s Julie talking, she will use pink, like this.

So Biff and Julie aren’t our real names, but they are nicknames that we use outside of Acme. And no those aren’t our pictures on the main page. I wish I had abs like that. So stay tuned. We hope to inform you, entertain you and maybe even charm you.

Happy Chatting
Biff and Julie – The Acme Chatters