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ACME Systems

How much does it cost to join?
It’s COMPLETELY FREE to set up your own mailbox, record your own personalized greeting and listen to other greetings. You can listen to people in your local area or all over the country!

If you aren’t quite ready to set up your own mailbox, you can always call the number in your local area and press pound (#) to window shop all of the public ads! To use the chatline or to send messages to people you will need to set up a mailbox. To set up a mailbox you would record your name (or an alias or a nickname) and record a public ad. First time users will receive 1000 free Acme credits to try out all of the features on the system for free. The prompts on the phone system will clearly walk you through all of these steps.

What kinds of things should I say when I record my public ad or chatline greeting?
  • Eliminate Background noise, and speak clearly – after you record your ad or chatline greeting, you have the option to review it to check the sound quality.
  • Describe the kind of person you are looking for, be open-minded! Don’t limit yourself! And be truthful when you are describing yourself!
  • Write down what you want to say before recording your ad or chatline greeting – remember, you can always review your ad before posting it…and record it again if you don’t like it!
  • Have a positive outlook! Be Happy! Negative sounding ads are generally skipped over.
  • Public ads on a chatline is an exception to the rule that you should avoid talking about yourself. You should probably spend at least twice as much time talking about yourself rather than what you are looking for. By describing yourself you are meeting their needs. By only describing what you want, why would they be interested in you?
  • WOMEN: Avoid talking about “playing games” or “mind games”. – Generally a turn off to men.
  • MEN: Avoid using “physical” characteristics to describe what you are looking for. You will get a better response from women if you talk about you are looking for someone with a sense of humor instead of talking about a certain body type.
  • List some things you like to do for fun! What kind of movies or restaurants do you like? Do you like an exciting night life or a quiet relaxing evening at home? If someone responds to your ad with the same interests, it’s a great conversation ice-breaker and it also helps to decide what to do on a first date!
  • Check out Biff and Julie - The Acme Chatters, our blog for more helpful hints and ideas. You can access them from our homepage or from the link on this page.

What are Acme Credits?
When you set up a new mailbox for the very first time on our system, you will receive a free 1000 Acme Credits as a welcome gift from us!

Some chatlines and datelines require paid time to use any and all features on their system. Here at Acme, only a few features require Acme Credits – everything else is always free!

If you have Acme Credits in your account and start to use a “paid” feature, the system will let you know when charges begin and when charges end. The system will also tell you how many Acme Credits you were charged. 200 Acme Credits equals 1 minute of time using a paid feature and it charges in 30 second intervals – we will never charge more than 200 Acme Credits per minute, but sometimes we may have specials where we will charge use less than 200 Acme Credits per minutes - kinda like Happy Hour specials.

How can I purchase more Acme Credits?
You can purchase them right here through our website! Just click on the link to make a purchase! If you don’t have a credit card, you can call our Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-933-8810 to find out about other payment options. You can also contact Customer Service by hitting 0 from the main menu of the system. There are no hidden fees and it’s a one time only purchase! Once you use your credits, you call us again to make another purchase – THIS IS NOT A RECURRING CHARGE ON YOUR CREDIT CARD!

How does this appear on my credit card statement?
Under the single word “Acme” with our customer service toll free number.

Can I send other users PrePaid messages?
Absoluely! We sell Acme Prepaid Message Chips in our Customer Service Department! If you are sending messages to other men, it allows him to hear the message you send for free. Your message will also be moved ahead of all non-prepaid messages. If you are sending messages to women, a chip will give your message a top priority status! She will be told she has a "premium first-in-line message”! NOTE: If you have Acme Credits in your mailbox, they WILL NOT be deducted when you are listening to or sending a prepaid message.

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