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Meet someone from your own local area, right from the privacy of your own phone!

Call now from a touch tone phone or your cell phone to create your own mailbox, record your own ad and browse the ads of other users! You can choose to review ads in your local area or all across the country! If you are hesitant to set up a mailbox right away, you can "window-browse" the system anonymously. You can listen to as many public ads as you wish. To send out messages though you would have to set up a mailbox. Setting up a mailbox just requires you to record your first name (or an alias or nickname) and record a public ad. If you are a first time user, we will give you 1000 free Acme credits so that you can try out any and all features of the system for free. With a mailbox you can also access the chatline (the Acme Chat Lounge) to talk with people who are online right now in your local area or across the country. The system will walk you through all these steps when you call in so you don't have to write anything down right now. It's really easy to follow.

Have a pen and paper with you to write down the mailbox number the system assigns you, the system will then prompt you to select your own four digit secret passcode. Make your passcode easy to remember like your birthday, your street address or the last four digits of you phone number. You can change your mailbox number by calling customer service and selecting any 4-6 digit number. If it's available, it's yours.

Setting up a mailbox is a quick and easy one time process and it’s always FREE when you are calling from your local area. If you are not sure if you are in the local calling area, check with your phone company. Normal cell phone charges will probably apply since most cell phone companies don't differentiate between local and domestic long-distance calls. You aren't calling a mobile number, so mobile-to-mobile free calling won't apply. Time of day savings (e.g. "nights and weekends") might apply depending upon your cell plan and carrier.

When you hear someone you are interested in, you can send them a private message to their mailbox or use our chat lounge to connect with them instantly! This allows you to connect through the privacy of the system without ever having to exchange phone numbers. Of course if you want to exchange phone numbers you can, just don't record your phone number in a public ad or a chat line greeting. We won't let you and it's really not a good idea to publicize your phone number to thousands of people.

Anyway, go back to the homepage and enter your area code in the box. We will then tell you the closest phone number to you that you can call to use The Acme Dating Company. With some mobile phones you will be able to click the number and connect right away. Normal cell phone charges would apply.

For customer service you can hit 0 from the main menu of the system or you feel free to call 1-800-933-8810.

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